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From: Dermot O'Sullivan (founder of and highly-successful football punter.)

Subject: Removing the risk from every bet? Is that even possible? YES… And I’ll show you HOW.

Dear Struggling Punter,

I know that your time is valuable, which is why I won’t waste it – I’ll cut to the chase.


If you are banging your head against the wall because you constantly lose your football bets and you feel completely demoralized...

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Did you know that it’s possible to reduce risk in football betting while increasing your winning ratio to over 97%?

Yeah, I know. Your B.S. radar might be going off at FULL volume right now, and hey, I don’t blame you.

After all, you have heard hundreds of “betting system marketers” shouting the same old chants in hopes that you’ll buy their next “holy grail method”…

But I want to be completely honest with you:

I am not BS’ing you.

In fact, as you read this, you will find that not only is it possible to REDUCE the risk from every bet you make… but also to boost your bankroll to unheard levels!

Because, when you get rid of the risk…

You Can Transform Gambling Into a Safe Investment!

Read that again…

Safe investment.

Do you know many of them? Well, I don’t.

Wherever you look, there’s ALWAYS a risk of losing your initial investment…

But things have changed.

Since my team and I have automated this whacky mathematical formula, our risk in Football betting has been nearly decimated.

And this leads us to a very important factor: if there’s LESS risk when betting on football, your investment can’t help but GROW.

I certainly know that you are asking yourself: “Dermot, what you are claiming right now sounds outrageous… how is it possible that you can reduce the risk from betting?”

Simple: This Crazy Automated Software Was Created By a Nerdy Excel Geek… My Team and I Tested It, and The Results We’ve Got Are Simply
A M A Z I N G.

The formula you are about to get your hands on is based on pure mathematical equations that produce consistent and predictable results over and over again.

And, as you might know… the proof is in the pudding.

Between the 2nd January 2017 - 19th March 2017 we have used the ARE software to accumulate the following..

Total Bets Proofed = 216
Winning Bets = 204
Losing Bets = 7
Postponed Matches = 3
Longest Losing Run = 2

Profit = +168.07 points

After approximately 11 weeks of successful proofing and testing the software the doors at "Auto Risk Eliminator" are open!

I hope the fact I have launched my service under professional management gives you the peace of mind that I take my football betting very seriously and wanted to prove that I have a profit boosting system in place before going live to the betting public.

So the question to you is:

Would you like to stop losing and finally take your betting profits to the next level?

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Turn Football betting Into a Safe Investment…And Forget About Losing Bets Forever!


The edge in betting that you were looking (and hoping) for…

“Auto Risk Eliminator” is an easy-to-use, automated software that’s been developed by a nerdy “geek” and tested by a team of professional punters. Basically, this unique and out-of-the-box formula allows punters just like you to REMOVE the risk from betting and transform their bets into extremely low-risk investments.

Almost free money.

“Auto Risk Eliminator” takes the gambling away from betting on football and helps YOU generate profits over and over again, like clockwork.

These are just a few of the wonders
that “Auto Risk Eliminator” can do for you:

Dermot, All of This Sounds Exciting… But Why Are You Better Than Other Sellers Claiming The Same Thing?

I am really glad you asked that.

And, to be frank, that’s a VERY smart question.

You see, the difference between what we are offering here and what other “sellers” (which, in the end, turn out to be simple fraudsters) offer is that:

We don't exploit a loophole as bookmakers eventually catch onto them (it’s a fact that loopholes are usually short lived. Bookies LOVE to “hunt them down.”)

We don't rely on the market to make a mistake as many others do...(Big mistake that we simply avoid.)

We aren't doing anything illegal that can get us shut down (the formula is LEGAL and will never get you into trouble.)

Choose Your Investment Time Horizon... How Much You Make Is Completely Up To YOU!

The best thing about our football betting tool is that your level of aggression is completely customizable. We have devised 3 separate schemes for short,mid and long term investors.

Short Term

Fast & Small Profits



Mid Term

Consistent & Moderate Gains

1 Month

Long Term

Slow & Big Returns

3 Months

Those of you who wish to use the setting for quick returns, can utilise our short term plan and come out with a 3-4 figure profit by the end of the week.

It's that simple.

On the other hand, those of you with abit more patience can choose the long-term setting and expect up to £10,000 profit within 3 months by kicking off with a mere initial £100 investment. But that would require more time and effort from your part.

Anyone that has bought a one-size-fit-all solution in the past knows how annoyingly bland they are. Most of these product creators expect everyone to have the same goals or time as they did which is disregardful at best.

Hopefully, this unique arrangement will shake up the industry and give punters a deeper involvement on the systems and tools they use to sustain their betting.

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There’s no question that you’ll make this amount back several times over in the next days, once you deploy and put into use the underground formula that I am sharing with you here today.

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Thanks for reading,

Dermot O'Sullivan